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Use a squeegee. The trick is to be steady and not to stop once you have started across the glass.
Also you should have an applicator to wash the glass.

At this point even if you decide never to do your house windows you have not wasted your money. The applicator and squeegee do a wonderful job on your car windows. Just spread an old cloth over your cars dash and get to work.

 Never ever attempt to clean window in the sun. The cleaning solution dries too quick and the windows streak easily. Remember, never in the sun. So you can work on the shady side of the house or wait for a cloudy day. Your windows will even clean well in the rain but who wants to get wet. You may ask at this point ‘do you ever clean windows in the sun?’

Yes I do but you should not.

Now you will want to know one of the top secrets of the window cleaning trade; what do you use in the water? Well I use three different things to make windows sparkle. I’m very sorry but I cannot tell you what two of them are. The truth be told unless your doing many windows it will not matter that much. The one thing you need you probably already have in your home; dish washing liquid. Do not use too much, a tablespoon for a couple of gallons of water.

Now all you need is a clean old towel to wipe the edges. Attention men; never use your wives good towels, they may never come clean. Your windows are dirtier than even you think they are.

What about things like paint on the glass? I use a three-inch razor blade with a handle. Always go in the direction of the blade, don’t drag the blade back and forth over the glass or you will scratch it. Always razor blade wet glass. In my twenty-five plus years window cleaning I cannot tell you how many times I’ve cut myself. I can tell you this, it hurts, be very careful. NEVER USE A RAZOR BLADE ON TEMPERD GLASS.

Screens cause many problems for windows.They trap dirt on the glass and sills. In winter or if you never open your windows, it's best to take outside screens off. Did I mention oxidation yet? Many screens do and this adds a stubborn problem for cleaning  windows.

Ladders? If you do not know what you are doing, I have one word, NO!

Windows should be cleaned at least once a year.

Did you read all the window cleaning tips? Are you really going to do it yourself ? Good for you! Call me if you give up.

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